The stage of endless questions

Lately it has happened to me that I know and see in my day to day many new mothers, we know that raising a child is not easy, it is an arduous work that not only involves a lot of love but a lot of patience. Well, I’m going to tell you something that has caught my attention and made me think; When our children are amazed by their surroundings, it is common for multiple questions to come to their head, because they want to understand and understand everything around them. Everything seems new and innovative, their eyes are captivated every second and with this comes the responsibility as fathers and mothers to teach and present all these gadgets and objects of our daily life offers us. When our children grow up and start talking and asking questions, there comes a stage in the lives of the children we call: the stage of endless questions, usually occurs from 3 to 5 years old, and I can affirm that it is one of the most beautiful stages in a child’s life because he is not only learning to develop his language but his critical thinking.

Something that as adults we should attribute to the stage of childhood, is the imagination and the ability to be fascinated by something as small as a leaf that falls from a tree. The problem is that as we grow we learn new things and our capacity for fascination decreases as we become smarties. We do not understand that there is an infinity of knowledge outside of us, since we are encapsulated in a repetitive cycle in our day to day, because if you have a child you will realize that changes, your days are turned upside down, you must establish a new life around a new human being in your life. But for some reason one of the stages that frustrates parents the most or that tires them most, is the stage of endless questions, we are tired of having to explain everything we already know over and over again, because believe me a child never Tired of asking. What we sometimes do not recognize is that this is their way of understanding the environment, of getting an idea of ​​how this new universe in which they live works.

Today I will not explain the scientific basis that explains why their children behave as they do or why they ask so many questions. I will simply explain how the imagination works, I will remind you that it was to be amazed by the idea that a metal object could travel from city to city, the idea that a caterpillar can become a butterfly or the simple idea that one day we would grow to be adults and we could be what we want, from astronauts to presidents.

I want that after reading this they close their eyes and remember to be small, remember that moment when they saw their first puddle on the floor and the first thing they wanted to do was jump over it to splash water from all sides, try to think of everything what they asked their parents, brothers, grandparents and remember how there was a point in their lives where they were a blank canvas without any knowledge but with the help and answers of their elders, knowledge allowed them to transform a canvas into white in a beautiful painting that defines their personalities and their lives. Remember that you have the opportunity to give color to the life of your eyes, to guide the brush with which you will turn your lives of colors. See knowledge as the color that brings our creativity to life.

So whenever your children ask you a question, responsible with love and affection even if that question will be repeated 10 times in the next few years, remember that you are helping your children to become the artists of their own destiny.


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