Developing stages in children

We have already talked about the stages of children’s development, but now we will tell them ages by ages that we should keep in mind when our children are growing up and that we must keep in mind to educate our children. We don’t want to be the ones who tell them how to raise their children, but we want to tell them what moments they should keep in mind to help their children develop in an appropriate way. Like to remind you that there is not a more or less developed child, we all have a moment to do something, because someone learning something easier does not make it better or worse, it means that suddenly it is not his forte, but something else can be.

It is normal that as parents if we are first time or not we are a little alert of the development of our children since we want them to grow up healthy and happy. We are alert if they coughed or if they laughed and if it is normal if they raise one arm and the other does not, it is not bad to be alert, but that is why it is good to keep in mind the stages of development of their children so that they understand that even the best father forgets something, or something takes it by surprise. In addition, if you believe that what is useful for one child will serve you for the other you are wrong, just as we all have a personality, not always what you use with one child will serve you for the other.

Now we will present some data that we present to Vanguardia magazine so that we keep in mind that our children should be able to do according to some ages:

1. Newborns: It goes from birth to the first month of life. Its development is seen as the baby grows and increases in weight and height, with the main feeding being breastfeeding. Entering to value the psycho-emotional part, the little one is very difficult without knowing their behaviors and attitudes, but as long as the newborn makes a bowel movement, urinate well and has no respiratory problems, its development is normal.
2. Breastfeeding stage: It starts from the month to two years. There in the first six months the changes are linked to the relationship with the child and his parents from the fact that the child begins to interact more with his parents because there the baby will pay more attention, fix his gaze, respond to his call, will have answer the stimuli of the parents and will obey small orders that they give them.
3. From 9 months a year: You should already have the ability to sit down and start crawling.
4. After one year until 18 months: They will begin to walk, although it is to emphasize that each child has a development process, some take longer than others to take their first steps. There are infants who start walking at 12 months, stop and after a month they learn, others do it at 18 months; This means that the two moments mentioned when they do it are completely normal.
5. After the year or 18 months: The child will begin to release his tongue and should say between 12 to 20 meaningful words for his parents and for him. If Dad says, he effectively points to him and not a toy.
6. From 18 months to two years: The most notable within this stage are the skills to walk correctly because until two years is that they improve the march, even some take up to 3 years. If these years have passed and you are not walking well, you should look and consult because you may have a problem while walking.
7. The language: after two years the language must be perfected especially girls who speak faster than boys, so it should be emphasized that the development between boys and girls is different. Between two and two and a half years the child can start a basic and understandable conversation. If the case is that after three years you do not have an expressive language you could be talking about a language problem.
8. From 3 to 5 years old: There you should start a good conversation and you can talk about things that they like; TV shows, toys, they already have very clear tastes. Learn to jump, play soccer, or some other game they do at this stage of life.



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