Learning disabilities

Well, at this point in the blog, if you are a regular reader, you should know that it is a learning disorder since we have talked about some of them such as dyslexia and dyscalculia more specifically in the blog. Well, if you still do not know what learning disorders are, these refer to difficulties that children may have in school, understanding topics, some of the disorders can affect reading comprehension, writing, math skills, to understand orders, to keep your attention on something or difficulty remembering something you have just learned. Learning disorders are problems or difficulties that children have, but as we always want to remind them is that this does not make them better or worse for other people than others, but for us it makes them even stronger, because overcoming them to achieve their goals With an obstacle it is something to celebrate, that is why we tell you that if your children suffer from a learning disorder, help them overcome it, but encourage it constantly because they are wonderful.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics when we take our child to a health specialist to identify and help those with disabilities, including learning disorders, these are some of the things they should be able to recognize and that they should name parents:
1. Identify children who need early intervention or special education services.
2. Share important information with school or early intervention center staff.
3. Meet with school or early intervention center staff.
4. Use information from the school or early intervention center in treatment plans or medical diagnosis.
5. Work within an early intervention center, a school or a school-based health clinic.
6. Work at the administrative level to improve the operation of the school for children with special needs.
The MSD manual tells us that The Federal Act for the Education of Persons with Disabilities (Disabilities Education Act, IDEA) states that children and adolescents with learning disabilities are entitled to a free and appropriate education taught in public schools. Education should be provided in the least restrictive way possible and in non-exclusive environments, where children have the opportunity to interact with non-disabled peers, with equal access to community resources.
With all this we get an idea of ​​what is a learning disorder and what it means to help our children and how we can do it, if your child has a learning disorder do not despair, you can look for a circle of support that helps you support your son in the development of his learning.


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