How do children think?

Today we are going to talk about how children think, this topic probably seems absurd because we all go through that stage, right? But I tell you that I even forget that it was to be a girl from time to time, so I don’t think it’s a bad idea remind all adults who are reading at this time to rewind and think as they were when they were little, who used to think about their day to day, that made them laugh, anger, sadden or embarrass. Think for you what it was to be a child, what is the most important thing of that stage and that I teach you your little being to become who you are now. In my opinion the best way to understand a child is to understand oneself, remember that we have all gone through this stage and that we have all had lollipops, good and bad attitudes, but the most important thing is that we have all had hopes, as beings Humans are characterized by wanting something to fight and move forward to meet our goals. That is how we were little, even if our goal was to get a chocolate, we had the conviction of achieving what we set out to do.

I am going to give you the walk narrated by the mind of my little self, luckily when I was little my aunt used to record my day to day, this is the moment when I can still observe moments from my childhood and remember those moments. Sometimes I usually remember how I felt, I can remember what was going through my head and I can understand that what happened in that moment formed me in the person I am now. I am going to tell you one of the days that appears on video, I am small of probably 4 or 5 years and I was preparing for the big day … for my presentation of garden dance, each one had a character and I was the wonder woman, the dancing was as simple as moving my hip from side to side in front of a lot of people but I felt cool enough to do it without caring how insignificant my position in the dance was. Well I will tell you that after practicing and practicing my dance I never went, it turns out that my parents forgot that it was Saturday and not Sunday and we arrived at the theater on the day that was not for the big surprise that I was alone, but well that is not point. That day of practice was a key day in my health, it was the day of my vaccines, it is no surprise that children do not like the idea of ​​a needle sticking something in the body with the idea for me at that time an excuse that «It’s good for your health», I always used to think that because it’s something good for my health it could hurt so much.

Well, in rehearsals with my aunt for my dance we were practicing couplets, if you do not know what the songs are, these rhymes that narrate as if they were a song, my very happy aunt helped me to practice until I break my peace of mind by becoming funny and doing a couplet saying that they were going to take me to the vaccines, I immediately start scratching everything from head to toe, watching the video I recognized that it is something I usually do when I am nervous, I scratch desperately as if it would save me from something, but guess what? Scratching me was no use, my mind immediately went to the plan b we can call it «Escape Plan», because I hid in the closet so that my mother did not find me, but again guess what? They found me, because my aunt betrayer told my mother that I was in the closet, I tell them the outcome of the story, I cried before they gave me the injection, I was desperate so that when they applied it I would recite the usual words while He kept crying: «It didn’t hurt so much,» obviously it hurt, but he wanted to make me brave as always.

They will ask themselves, why are they telling me a story that I don’t care about? I wanted to show them that when we are little, every moment has an explanation for us, everything awoke some emotion inside us. The point is that they remember when they have children that it is to be a child, that they felt every situation their children are going through, so they will recognize when they are happy, sad, distressed and scared because they feel these emotions.


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