Learning disorders in children

When we are parents we want our children to have a pleasant life, where they must cross the least amount of obstacles so that they achieve their goals without any problem. But sometimes it’s not as easy as we think, sometimes we don’t have much choice; We could say that now at this moment our society understands issues that we used to see as taboo, among these we could find learning problems. Now as parents we want to find an explanation and a solution to every problem that our children go through, the drawback is that sometimes they are not things that can be prevented, but we can provide unconditional support to our children who must go through situations that neither they understand why they happen, sometimes because of shame, children can’t get the weight off by explaining to their parents that they can’t understand and learn like the rest of their classmates.

The advice we can give you in 123pormi is to provide support to your children, if you see that you cannot understand a subject, that your notes are not what you expect or that your attention is not completely directed to your learning, seek help with them. , let them know the situation they are going through, so they can see that it is normal; show them that they are not better or worse by being through a learning disorder, on the contrary, it makes them human, it allows them to get ahead with an obstacle by introducing everyone that when they overcome themselves they are stronger than any other person To overcome.

Next, I will name some things or attitudes that we can avoid so that our children do not feel that we are assaulting them or that we are getting into their self-esteem and their spirits to get ahead.

1. Do not compare the development of your children with that of another of your friends, siblings or partners as not everyone goes through the same situation. Remember that the learning and academic and cognitive development of your children should be a progress of self-improvement, not of comparison with other people.
2. Seek help with your children explaining step by step because they need help, showing them that it is not because they are “incompetent” or because they do not meet their parents’ expectations, but because they want them to learn and overcome the obstacles that life has given them .
3. Teach them to love their situation, the less we fight with our differences and the more we accept them we can understand the situation and understand that a learning disorder is not a disease, it is a situation that we must go through to present to the world that we are more wonderful of what other people see.

With all this we want to remind you that we all go through obstacles, but the best attitude to overcome them is by loving them, recognizing them as part of our improvement, as part of our development as people.

Child with learning difficulties
A frustrated, upset child, or child with learning difficulties.
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