What is dyslexia?

Today we will talk about a learning problem called dyslexia, you have probably heard this term and you may or may not know what it is. But today we are going to explain it from another perspective, I don’t know if you have heard of a movie called “Taare Zameen Par” or in Spanish “Stars on Earth”, this is a Hindu movie that talks about the history of Ishaan a 8 year old boy who fails to pass his exams at school no matter how hard he tries, is from a family where his older brother is the representation of triumph, Ishaan has a different worldview where he manages to see colors and shapes where there are none creating a wonderful world in his eyes. Many of you may be thinking like Ishaan’s father, who was telling him and his professors that he kept so gone in his fantasy world that he didn’t pay enough attention to his schoolwork. And for those who do not understand why Ishaan’s father did not support him with his learning problems, he was not sufficiently informed to understand that it is a learning problem and less dyslexia.

If you have not seen the movie I recommend that you run to see it before finishing reading this article since we will explain the dyslexia from the history of Ishaan and how his parents realize that their son is more extraordinary than they imagine. In the new Ishaan school he meets a very special art teacher, who focuses on the development of each of his students as a person, he wants to see something good in each of his students and manages to discover the hidden talent of Ishaan, this is his artistic talent since Ishaan manages to capture his world in painting representing one of the most wonderful landscapes that his teacher had seen, we could say that Ishaan was a true exponent of impressionism. This teacher realizes that Ishaan has incredible abilities and remains attentive to his academic abilities, but the truth is that Ishaan has dyslexia, he cannot read or write in a correct way since the letters dance in front of him, the letters They change position making their academic development impossible in a normal way. If you wonder what dyslexia is, try to understand something like: “is sve al sleidiax se ficidil” here we are telling you “if you see dyslexia is difficult”, nobody knows about the situation that a person is going through until he lives in flesh own.

Ishaan’s father is a bit skeptical when the teacher tells him that his son has dyslexia, he can’t understand what was happening to his son, they couldn’t understand why his son was going through and he decided that this teacher was just trying to give him excuses for the “ mediocrity ”of his son, when in reality his son tried in all ways to understand what his teachers were trying to teach him but something inside him did not allow it. In order not to tell you the end of the movie we will be left with a reflection so that we evaluate twice before judging the situation of another person, as parents, friends or companions we do not know why other people pass, we do not know how much they should strive to achieve their goals day after day.
Our moral today is that we must celebrate all the achievements we make as well as the achievements of other people because no matter how small they are, we must make an effort to achieve it.


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