Early stimulation on children

We constantly remind you that nobody can tell you how to be parents, for some the father’s instinct is born and wakes up when he sees his baby for the first time, for other people that instinct is present even without having a baby and for others he wakes up with the weather. None of this makes us better or worse fathers and mothers, on the contrary, it shows that we are human beings and we are not configured in the same way that is why we all have parenting styles and different. Today we want to talk about early stimulation, clarifying that it is not for all parents, some want their children to develop their skills alone over time, but for those parents who want to help their child develop their brain and psychomotor activities to At an early age we want to explain a little what is the early stimulation and some exercises that you can implement in your baby.

First we will explain that it is early stimulation, this refers to the encouragement and help from parents or responsible adults for babies to retain movements in their brain and support both their psychomotor development and cognitive development. We could say that these stimuli are small exercises aimed at making children from small to be inspired to make movements. Just as there are stimuli to develop the baby’s motor system, his language can also be developed. Early stimulation is not mandatory, but with this it is expected that the baby has enough stimuli to have an early and adequate development. Some of the advantages of stimulation and the reasons why some parents use it is because it helps to develop: fine, gross motor skills, cognition, language and socio-affective development. Little by little, babies develop strength and balance to start manipulating their body, this gives them a sense of autonomy since childhood.

Something that as parents we must keep in mind is that without our knowledge we are stimulating our children with everything we do for them or with what has been helped us to do, all the toys and objects that are bought and with which the Baby plays stimulate your brain little by little, things like rattles where babies begin to stimulate their muscles to build strength. Let him walk smell and know his surroundings, this will develop their cognition, recognizing their surroundings and understanding all the objects they have in their world. You can see that early stimulation is not always to exercise with babies but to accompany them in their mission to discover the world, when babies feel accompanied they develop their socio-emotional skills where they recognize other people and the affection given to them allows them Be social people when they grow up. Now we will talk more punctually about some exercises you can do with your children to wake up early stimulation:

1. Tummy time: This term refers to putting your baby upside down on his chest to start recognizing this position and start crawling from baby, this is one of the best known exercises since babies like the position because it doesn’t give them gas and there is a direct connection with the parents.

2. Start a conversation with your baby, in the last months the video of a father and a son where they start a conversation went viral the father responds to the son as if he understood and as if they had a serious relationship, this will help to your son to stimulate his language.

3. Do puppet shows, stimulate your brain and cognition by establishing relationships with puppets, tell them a story.

4. Hang your favorite toys on the wall at a height where you must stand to catch them, this will help them develop their psychomotor system.

There are a lot of exercises you can do with your children, but remember that the best encouragement is the accompaniment of the parents.



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