Parenting styles

We do not know what kind of parents we will be until our time to see the life of another human being, we usually speculate that we want to provide our children or how we should raise them if we want them to grow up in a healthy and happy way. But if you are a parent you know that all these plans can change in an instant, since the needs of each baby are different, and when they grow their personality will be unique and we can not modify it, but eventually we get used to it. As parents, some of the functions that are expected of us are things like: giving love to our children, supporting them in their development, offering them new learning and disciplining us when necessary so that they adapt more easily to society when they grow up. It is for this reason that today we will talk about parental styles, the types of parents that we are, as we characterize ourselves. Remember that we do not have the last word, you can have a unique parental style, but we will talk about the most common ones used to educate children. Like we are not encouraging you to change your parental style, what works for some parents may not work for others.

Many researchers have established multiple parental styles over the years and now we will name some of them according to their researcher and how each one is established:

According to Diana Baumrind:
1. Authoritarian: This parental style is the one that constantly tells your child what to do, keeps him remembering how important it is to abide by the norm.
2. Indulgent or permissive: This parental style gives your children freedom to decide what they want to do, the last word is given by the child. This is a style not recommended at an early age, since children need an authority that teaches them what is right and what is not, at an age later this parental style will give them freedom and confidence.
3. Assertive or democratic: This is a parental style that establishes norms in a non-dominant way, where it gives the opportunity to their children to give arguments in case of disagreeing with something of their daily life.
4. Negligent: This is a parental style where the father focuses on interests unrelated to his son directly.

According to the classification of Maccoby and Martin:
1. Propagative: This is a parental style where the father is demanding with his son, but also receptive and sensitive, focusing on the emotional stability of his son. Understands the feelings of your child and teaches you how to handle them.
2. Totalitarian: It is a style where the father demands too much of his son and where the only thing that matters is to follow the rules. This type of parental style is the one that predicts a better academic performance.
3. Indulgent: It is a less severe parental style where there is no direct discipline on the children, this type of style assumes that the children will be more erratic and will abide by the norm less.

We do not have the authority to say which is right and which is not, as we mentioned before, we all have a way in which we want to raise our children and this does not define what will be better or worse as long as we help them and give them love at every moment of their life.


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