The relationship between nature and children

We are in a world where little by little we have colonized, created and molded at our mercy, since we have enough tools and resources to move the earth as we want. With the power that we have granted, we do and undo the resources that nature gives us, because today we will tell you about the benefits of establishing a connection between our children and nature. We must teach our children to love everything that surrounds us, to respect other living beings and to recognize that without the other creatures that inhabit this planet we would not be here, which are necessary for the planet to live in balance, that’s why if little by little we finish it we will not have to teach our children when they grow up. When we are children we need to learn through experience if we really want to understand that they speak to us, especially when we talk about plants, animals or other types of living beings since many children are curious and we must feed them, but others cause them fear and we must help them overcome it.

The contact with nature in early childhood is an indelible mark, which is stored as seeds that later germinate in good memories and important learning. It is very important that, from a young age, we stimulate the love of children for nature so that they learn to love and appreciate the natural world and to act in correspondence with these feelings, contributing to their care and preservation.

Generally, our children have a very normal routine, they usually go to school, get to work, in the day they eat, they sleep and in their time book now in this technological age they come to play video games or watch television, where the contact they have with the Environment is the image or illustration of the grass that appears on the screen. As parents we want the best for our children, who have stimuli of the nature would be ideal, but sometimes we do not have the time, that is why we should take advantage of every free moment to teach them to love nature, doing activities that seem entertaining and that They are different from their day to day so they do not think that it will be part of their daily life and that they do not become boring. Some activities that can be done are:
• Plant plants or seeds so that your children can see them grow, remember that children have a creative mind and can be fascinated to love nature even more.
• If you have a pet, allow your child to spend more time with him, and if he does not have a pet, you could start with a fish, a hamster or an animal that will not only teach him responsibility, but will strengthen his relationship with the animals.
• Take it to farms or places of attractions where they can be related to nature.
• Go to parks for your child to run and have fun in an environment surrounded by nature, trees and animals

Remember that for children it is very easy to enjoy and learn new things because their capacity for amazement is absolute, in every corner they find a universe. It is not necessary to go around the world to know everything, in a small space you can learn many things.


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