Difficulties learning in school

When we are adults we usually forget what it was like to be children, we forgot how we enjoyed each second as if it were a game, but we also forgot all the problems we had. From the perspective of an adult we can come to think: What stress or concern can a child or adolescent, after all parents are those who provide all the needs of their children. But let’s not forget that being a child was also living with a constant pressure to satisfy our parents, a pressure to give the best of you and to be proud in every step you take. We must recognize as adults that life is a game, it is designed to be enjoyed, but like any game, it has levels that advance as we grow, and have obstacles that are formed as we grow and mature. With this, in 123pormi we want to tell you that nobody has it easier than another, we all play in a different way, we do not all recognize the obstacles in the same way and we do not all face the new levels with the same enthusiasm. Today we want to address parents, to explain the difficulties their children can face in school when they do not understand a new topic.

Now we are in an evolved world, where we understand better every day the human brain and everything that surrounds it. Finding a solution is easier now than 40 years ago, we already have an explanation for everything, our minds are willing to listen and understand the new information that we absorb from our environment. But imagine the world 50 years ago, where the idea of ​​learning problems was not understood by everyone, if your child did not understand a topic or could not learn the way all his classmates did, he was simply belittled, he was treated clumsy for not understanding something so «simple», what his parents did not understand is that he was not clumsy, his parents were misinformed, because they did not understand that his son was much more intelligent than they believed, not They knew that he had a giant determination to keep trying but neither his son understood why he could not learn. Here is where we address parents, never judge their children, support them and give them love, encouraging them every day to get ahead for more obstacles that come their way.

Next, we will explain some of the most common learning problems, in case your children present any of these problems, support them and evaluate new learning strategies so they can move forward:

1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: This is a neurobiological disorder originated in childhood, not all children show the same symptoms, usually the causes of ADHD are genetic or environmental.
2. Dyslexia: This is the alteration of the ability to read, it is generally explained as «the letters dance», because when reading, the order of the letters, syllables or words is altered.
3. Visuo-motor immaturity: This refers to the inability to coordinate vision with body movements, who suffer from this problem often have difficulty: writing, drawing or other manual activities.
4. Memory impairment and auditory processing: This type of disability refers to the difficulty in understanding and remembering words and sounds

Children doing homework with their mother in the kitchen

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