The importance of literature in children

The 21st Century has immersed us in a cybernetic universe, thanks to this we have opened portals of new learning, competencies, and possibilities, one of these is the ease with which we currently have new publishers, new writers and coverage to hand reading, greater purchasing power of digital books, broadening horizons of knowledge, reading brings with it great cultural, social, neurological and emotional development benefits, besides being one of the great heritages of humanity, organisms like Unesco put special interest in the reading since at present for them a high percentage of the humanity is finding the indexes of «functional» illiteracy. NOP WORLD, based in the United Kingdom, is a market research agency that reports that the countries that read the most in the world are India, followed by other Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Philippines, Egypt, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Now, ask yourself, what does reading have to do with the subject that concerns us today? Well, I tell you a lot, because they share the same path to knowledge. Reading is a process that brings us closer to information and literature is what brings us closer to that feeling of the other, to that moment of inspiration of many of our great writers, who have had a supreme contact with the muse of inspiration, which has allowed us to create and joy in a way as magnificent as existence itself, writers who have inspired us, who have transformed humanity.

During the period of childhood is achieved to teach love to reading and therefore to appreciate literature, breaking the barriers of mental laziness or mediocrity, reading is a fundamental activity that leads to achieve mastery of oral and written expressions .

Many times ignorance, interference, laziness or indifference are factors that prevent reaching for reading, distractions such as television, some genres of music, video games, the internet, cell phones, among many other things, distance us from this one. slowly to literature to the shelf of oblivion or leave it alone at the mercy of a few when it belongs to humanity, reading must become an act of love for and for us, and that is why promotes submerging our children in literature, we want to highlight the fundamentals of children’s narrative, defining it as «the set of manifestations and activities that are based on the word as an artistic purpose that interests the child» and when speaking of interest is to attend very well the needs and respect so that they are the ones who freely decide to choose their books because when it is done in this way there is greater interest and motivation.

Kinds of children’s literature in children:

  • Fosters creativity
  • It helps them overcome their fears
  • Create habits
  • Contributes to the discovery of your identity
  • It transmits the culture, fanning the tradition
  • Generates a critical sense
  • Achieve identification with characters
  • Channel feelings and emotions
  • Fosters emotional intelligence
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Help in your language construction
  • Develop your symbolic world
  • Help to have an aesthetic of the world
  • Learn to have divergent thoughts
  • Generates a cultural heritage
  • Create fun and entertainment
  • They learn to play
  • Widening the artistic horizon of the child
  • The family participates generating better affective bonds
  • Integra different areas of knowledge
  • Create compassion and humanity

Strategies that favor the learning of reading in children and make use of literature:

  • Oral Reading
  • Plain songs
  • Poetry
  • Silent reading
  • Anticipation of a text from the title
  • Dramatized reading of stories.

We can say that children’s literature is a fundamental aspect of the life of children that can not be overlooked for Bruno Bettelheim the stories are «works fully understandable to the child, and as in all arts the deeper meaning This type of story will be different for each person and even for the same person at different times in their life »

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