Motor skills in children

One of the moments in which we focus more on the blog is the period of pregnancy, where a woman is preparing to give birth to a new life, a human being that as parents we must help, love and protect. When we went through this situation for the first time, where we are preparing to be the best parents, we do not always know what to do, we listen to advice from our family and friends, we read baby books or we watch YouTube videos from how to make your child tell mom how to change a diaper. But when the question arises of how to make your child grow up healthy and in a proper way, no one can give you a sensible answer, because each baby develops in a different way, it is normal that as mothers or fathers we ask if it is normal that our son walks a certain way, if it is normal that he does not grasp the objects in a correct way or if it is normal that our son does not speak at a certain age. But we can not pretend that our son is a robot, where his body follows the same dates that appear in the pamphlet that we always give to the doctor, your son does not know that after 5 months he should be able to sit alone because the doctor said it. What you as a mother or father should keep in mind is that, if visits to the doctor are important and vital for the development of your child, but so are the stimuli at home, your father or mother should help your child know that He can have control of his movements, so that his legs and feet have enough strength to stop but he must exercise them first so that his bones are strengthened, so today in 123pormi we will talk a little about the psychomotor development of children, so that despair if you just brought your baby from the hospital and do not have the strength even to hold your own arm.

First I will explain what psychomotor development means, this development speaks of the acquisition of skills that correspond to the maturation of nerves and muscles of the body, psychomotor development talks about how fast your child can crawl, sit up, sit, stand, walk or run. This is established from the nervous system of each baby, to know if your child develops in a healthy and appropriate to one generally give you actions that they should be able to perform as they grow some of them are:

2-3 months:
• Evaluate if they are able to hold a little the weight of their own head
• Evaluate if they have enough strength to suck the milk and if they swallow well and without problems.
• If he swings or kicks constantly and in a harmonious or common way.
• Evaluate if your movements are soft or rigid in order to know if you are able to sustain your own weight and that your bone structure is developing correctly.
4-5 months:
• He manages to direct his hands to objects that catch his attention and manages to grab them.
• Evaluate if you use both hands to grasp an object or if you have a preference for one in particular, it is good to evaluate this in case you do not have enough strength in one of them.
7 months:
• Is able to sit without support for more than 30 seconds.
• Get a turn in the bed only if you are on your stomach without the help of an adult.
10 months:
• Is able to stand up, even with slight help from an adult, is able to take his first steps with help, assess if he is putting pressure or excessive force on one of his feet or fingers.
• Is able to pick up an object with his thumb and forefinger in the form of a piza or requires his whole hand to grasp an object correctly.
• Evaluate whether you use both hands equally.
14 months:
• He is already able to walk alone
• He has no problem eating and shows interest in picking up his spoon and feeding himself.

All these are some points that we must keep in mind in the development of our children, but if they are not met at the moment, do not be scared, go to the doctor to evaluate if your psychomotor development is correct and do not forget that not all children are the same, your motor development may come after your verbal development but that does not make it better or worse, just help him and force him to use his muscles.



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