Abilities for a lifetime

We live in a world full of diversity and as human beings we have the opportunity to make the most of it, learning something new every day. Sometimes, we do not value everything that surrounds us because we are focused on our daily lives and our routines, but we live on a planet where there are more than 70,000 languages ​​and languages, a planet that has more than 2,000 typical dances, a planet where the Music changes depending on the region where you are, where we can learn multiple instruments, sports or where we can learn enough recipes to cook something new every day of our life. Some of the excuses that I see of some people are: I do not have enough time, I do not have money and everything costs money or I am very big and it is easier for one to learn when he is small. So today we want to inspire parents to leave their comfort zone to leave their excuses behind and try something new and with their actions inspire their children to see the advantage we have to live on a planet with so much diversity.

As parents we want our children to be the best and to be prepared for any situation that arises when they grow up, now we live in a world where speaking only one language is not enough, where we have to master technology and all kinds of office tools. When we are small, we only think that we will provide entertainment, that’s why when we have to learn something we will not do it with the best attitude and probably it will not be an ability for our life. It is for that reason that we must find ways in which we present our children the advantages and fun of learning something new. We must allow them to find their hobby, that something that awakens emotion and inspiration when learning something new. Remember that from small children need movement and new skills to develop their brain completely.

We could say that the skills for life are divided into 2: the necessary and voluntary. Among the necessary we can see things like: mathematical skills, this is a tool that will serve us for life, languages, at this time English is the language that we all must learn, is the way we can communicate with any person around the world; swimming, this is an indispensable skill for our survival, we do not know in what situations we are going to meet, sports, it is necessary for our body to be in constant movement, that we do not become sedentary. And the voluntary skills can be things like: music or learning an instrument, this will develop the right hemisphere of our brain and our creativity with it, the dance that promotes the movement in a fun and different way; Artistic activities such as painting, sculpture, molding or drawing all this is something that can inspire our children to be creative and to develop their motor skills.

Leaving our comfort zone is not easy, but we must be beings of change, who find inspiration in the smallest detail of our day to day. Let’s take advantage of all the tools we have around us, let’s put excuses aside and start doing and discover the diversity of our planet.

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