The interactive generation

It is not a mystery to us that the 21st century is what it is because of the presence of technology, this has given us tools to achieve cultural, economic, infrastructural, social and educational advances. We know that as anything in life technology has its ups and downs, as we have already talked in the blog, technology is a tool both to do good to a person and to hurt someone. As adults we have had to learn as technology was established, but our children were born in a world where everything works with technology and in this way the interactive generation is born. This generation is surrounded by information, entertainment and tools to improve their education; This post today is to talk about the advantages of technology so that we learn to live with them and we take great advantage for the development of our children.

As fathers and mothers we must recognize that the new technology brings its risks, but it is better to keep them in mind and help our children to overcome them in an adequate and respectful way, we must not close our eyes and be oblivious to the problems brought by the children. new media, this way we will not be able to raise our children in an adequate way. Currently, technological tools are used for the creative and educational development of children, and that is what we must focus on. Every day it is more difficult to find training tools that are not supported by technological means, with access to information and with the ease of collaborative help that the internet offers, we must take advantage of these tools for the knowledge of our children. Now we will tell you some of the new tools approved to improve the knowledge of our children:

1. Voxopop: This is a tool to get feedback with jobs in which we do not have the greatest knowledge, if your children have problems in math and performed an operation where they do not know if it is correct, they can upload it to Voxopop so that others people collaborate and teach you.
2. Symbaloo: This is a tool where among study partners can be shared sources and bibliographic documentation to do general work of history or Spanish.
3. Mindmesiter; This is a tool that allows you to make mental maps such as Cmaptools, but it is a collaborative tool where multiple people can brainstorm to structure a job correctly.
4. Marqueed: This is a tool of debates, to practice assertive communication among young people, this tool selects a topic at random and postulates positions of pro and con to see who can make the best argument.
5. WorkFlowy: this is a tool for organization in the school, where the application hierarchizes the tasks that children have according to the schedule in which they should present it, so it is easier for the children to develop their activities.
6. Symphonical: This is an interactive platform where your children can create a virtual board with their classmates to do editing solving problems they have from school. Those who understand and know the subject can explain to their colleagues by the blackboard or by videoconference.

With all these tools we could say that technology has its advantages for our children, since it helps them with their sense of collaboration, where among friends help each other understand, these tools help our children to optimize of time, continuous improvement and better communication and management with their problems at school, since they have tools in the palm of their hands to overcome their obstacles.


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