The importance of creativity

Today we are going to take a trip to the past for a moment, I want you to remember when you were little, it is a stage where no idea was extreme enough to end our desire to make it come true or that stage where we wanted to be firemen, princesses or princes , doctors, astronauts or presidents because we were a needle in a haystack, we knew we could make any idea come true. Do you know what was the most beautiful of this era? That this was the most crazy idea, for us in our imagination could be reality. In my case I could say that imagination and creativity brought me the best moments of my childhood, where I lived my life to the extreme, dancing, jumping, singing and expressing myself in a way that I do not do now. As adults we must «act our age», but the truth is that childhood and that inner child never disappears. With all this, we want to introduce the topic today, where we will explain the importance of creativity and free expression in children, so that they let jump, scream, sing, dance and move their children as they please.

When they are young, children begin to express their creativity when they interact with the outside world, especially when they start doing artistic or plastic activities, we must see art as something fundamental for children to express themselves and in this way develop his thought. Creativity encourages the child to project and imagine problems in the mind to get quick solutions. Being creative will not only allow your child to be more extraverted and to develop easier in the outside world, but it will allow you to better express your emotions and feelings which will help you increase your self-esteem. A Ulster University study in the United States proves that the creativity of children is born in the family crib and in the world of parents, that is why it is important that parents and mothers encourage the creative development of their children. Dr. Margaret Lawrence in charge of research says that the best way for parents to understand children and their creative development is to take a weekly exercise where they should ask themselves: What would they like to do if they were children? And dedicate a time in the week to carry out this desire for childhood.

Now we will talk about some techniques to encourage the creativity of our children:

Allow them to express themselves freely, let them have their own ideas or ideologies, do not prevent them from making mistakes, but help them get up so that an environment of trust and security is generated for your child.
Take time to play with your child, remember that creativity is born the influence of parents, you must share with them with love and patience so that the emotions of your child flow.
It promotes your interests and your creativity, allows your children to discover the world little by little in a safe way.
Invite them to think and believe constantly, no idea is impossible.


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