Children and the importance of games

The idea of ​​games is an element that we could say is basic and vital in the early life of a child. Children need to keep their minds active to grow and develop their abilities correctly, and what better way to do it through play where our children will learn to recognize the world through fun. I make a small parenthesis, when we talk about games and fun, we do not mean that we should let our children play for hours in a video game or on the computer, we talk about games of a formative nature, these games can be: riddles, rhymes , tongue twisters, stories or make use of music to stimulate your children. When we talk about vital games for the development of your children, they are those that keep them thinking constantly, they are games that seek to awaken new abilities.

Some of the abilities that the game can develop in your children are:

1. Physical abilities, where the game drives the movement of your children, not only exercising, but improving their psychomotor coordination and gross and fine motor skills.
2. Sensory capacities, when they are put to distinguish between colors, shapes, sizes and textures help mental development to recognize in an easier way elements around them.
3. Affective abilities: You will be surprised, but the game allows children to experience emotions such as uncertainty, surprise, joy and even sadness. The game prepares them for what they will face in real life, facing from small everyday situations.
4. Creativity abilities: Games like the riddles will allow you to find solutions that require creativity and imagination.
5. Cooperation capacities: There will be opportunities where you should explain to your child the value of teamwork, since we will not always be able to do something alone, cooperation is the key to success in many situations.

The game and the fun are as necessary as the idea of ​​the rules, the game will allow your children to know each other as individuals, will teach you what is the decision making, will allow you to adapt to the rules of society, will allow you to expand your imagination will help you exercise your observation, attention, concentration and memory and allow you to experience both triumphs and defeats.

Sigmund Freud explained: «Children do not play just to repeat pleasant situations, but also to elaborate those that were painful or traumatic», this shows us the importance of the game for children, since the game is an opportunity for them to enjoy but to know each other and repeat those in which they felt defeat.


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