Children self esteem

We can define self-esteem as the recognition of a person of their own value, it is to understand everything we are, with our good and bad qualities, but recognizing that we are unique, wonderful and worthwhile. With this that I have just told you, I will put you to reflect, remember when you were children and think of all those moments when they failed, fell or did not meet the expectations of other people. Remember what happened ?, Because in my case, my self-esteem fell, I began to doubt my abilities, I wondered how another person was capable and I did not or even came to surrender and never want to try again. And if for me it was difficult, I, who was surrounded by love in an environment in which failure was not something bad, but something that helped me to strengthen myself, imagine all those children whose self-esteem is falling more and more because There is someone who tells you that they are wonderful and that failure makes them even bigger because they will always have the opportunity to try again.

If you are a parent or a child you should be attentive, probably your child is in a space of love and support, but unfortunately now just one click is enough to make someone feel bad, with technology come problems and they are things like bullying. No one is exempt from being harassed or molested, but we must give our children the courage to speak and not let their self-esteem go down. Now I will tell you some ways to determine if your children’s self-esteem is right:

• If you are constantly inspired to try something new, this means that you feel that you are competent and that you achieve a new goal.
• When you communicate fluently and relate to other people in the right way, this means that you feel heard and that you feel safe with the people around you.
• When you want to share your good grades or recognition with others, this means that you feel proud of your own merits.

Some behaviors that a child with low self-esteem may have are:

• When they behave in a timid way, when they do not want to talk or relate to other people. This means that they feel inferior to the people around them.
• When they react to any comment as if it were a criticism, this means that they feel constantly judged.
• When they have aggressive attitudes towards family members, friends and in front of themselves.
As parents we must constantly think about everything that surrounds our children, we live in a world where they have everything to be happy, but as parents we must give them love and support so that they can take advantage of all the opportunities It gives them the world and they go forward so they fail and fall on the road. To finish, we will give you some tips or some of the things we must do to promote the healthy self-esteem of our children:

• Give them the importance they deserve, take them into account in all decisions of the family. So do not have a vote in the changes that happen in the family, you will give them importance and give them the opportunity to comment on their opinion, you will make them feel that their opinion matters.
• Correct them from love, patience and learning.
• Promote their autonomy by giving them responsibilities, ask them for help in the kitchen or with housework.
• Do not compare them, one of the keys for them to recognize their own value is that you do not compare them with anyone, since we are all different and nobody is better than anyone.
• Value your efforts and not the results, everyone’s learning is different, sometimes they need more reinforcement, but you should be aware of their learning and not just their qualifications.
• Validate your emotions, if you feel sad or angry, leave them, emotions are something natural and not something that should be punished. Help them improve or fix what has generated anger or sadness.


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