Children emotional health

We could define emotional health as: A state where we have control of our feelings, behaviors and emotions, to the point where they do not generate problems for an individual lead a healthy life. As adults, we know what is good and what is wrong, we know what we should do to avoid threatening our lives and we understand that we need emotional stability to lead our lives in a healthy way. Children just begin to develop criteria to understand all the emotions that surround them, sometimes it can be overwhelming for a child the idea of ​​emotions, the idea of ​​feeling good about himself at every moment.

If as a parent you wonder how to know if your child is emotionally well, first you should ask yourself if the following needs are met:
1. If your child enjoys an environment full of love, acceptance and understanding.
2. If your child is in a space to which he feels he belongs, where he is not judged by his ideas or actions.
3. Your son is in a space where bad actions are corrected from love and not anger.
4. If your child is in a space where his emotions are respected no matter what they are.
5. If your child sees that there is an emotional tune where he knows that we will be able to listen to them and try to understand them.
6. If your child is in a space where he is constantly motivated to learn new things, where he is taught to take challenges without fear.
7. If your child is in a space where he feels valued and recognized, where he knows that a good action will take him far.
8. If your child is in a space where he is allowed to interact with everyone, where he is not judged as a child.

There are thousands of ways to bring a stable emotional health, but there are also thousands of reasons to fall and stumble on the path of tranquility. We could say that as parents we want the best for our children, we want them to be happy, to be healthy, to feel accepted and in the same way to love, accept and be recognized as a human being able to achieve anything in this lifetime. When we are children we sometimes do not usually share our emotions with everyone, sometimes we believe that our problems are very insignificant for such a big world, but as parents we must teach our children that no problem is too small to be important and none It is big enough so that it can not be solved; what matters is the emotional health of each of the children in our lives.


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