Effects of alcohol during the pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process where the mother should think not only about her wellbeing but also about the baby, that is why if you go to the doctor they will give you a list of foods that you can not consume, among these we can see raw meat or fish, algae, unpasteurized cheeses, liver or unwashed vegetables. But something that we take for granted is the consumption of drugs or alcohol, we believe that we all avoid the consumption of these elements during pregnancy, but not all comply. Yesterday we talked about the effects that can cause the consumption of psychoactive substances, today we will talk about what happens in the fetus when the mother consumes excessive alcohol.

First, we want to tell you about a study conducted by Tirso Perez from the Puerta del Hierro University Hospital in Madrid. The aim of the study is to explain the benefits of beer consumption in moderation. Tirso comments “Beer is a natural drink with low calorie content, alcohol and contains neither fats nor sugars. On the contrary, it has a significant amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins, so that moderate consumption is good for health in a balanced diet, “but now with 0% alcohol beer the idea of ​​consumption of she without hurting the fetus.

A study from the Therapeutic Assistance Center of Madrid says that 1 in 4 pregnant women consume alcohol in excess causing problems in the fetus at birth. This is called Fetal Alcholic Syndrome or SAF, this can cause in the fetus any of the following 4 problems:

1. The SAF can change the facial characteristics of the baby. Changes include a broad, flat face, a low and wide nasal bridge with epicantial folds, small or malformed eyes, and a short upturned nose.
2. Babies tend to exhibit prenatal development deficits; they also continue to grow poorly in the postnatal period. The weight gain of these children is relatively slower than linear growth.
3. The most worrying feature is the functional disorder of the Central Nervous System. The majority of these children show a significant developmental delay or mental deficiency. The degree of alteration is variable, and can range from minimal anomalies to severe mental retardation.
4. Some babies have serious congenital heart lesions. In other cases, severe ocular abnormalities, axial skeletal defects, renal anomalies, minor genital anomalies and positional deformities in extremities, such as clubfoot and hip dislocation, have been observed.

Something that we as human beings must understand is that we are all wrong, we all have some addiction that we can not easily leave behind. That is why in 123pormi we do not want to judge the situation of anyone, we just want to be boceros so that mothers and their children can live a healthier and more responsible life. If you are a woman and you are or think you are pregnant and suffer some type of addiction that may affect your child, seek help.




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