Effect of drug during pregnancy

When life gives a woman the opportunity to be a mother, there are reactions of all kinds, sometimes it is planned, sometimes it is not planned, but the emotion beats in the heart, other times it is not planned and the idea of ​​concern comes . But regardless of the idea that comes to our head when we realize, we must recognize that now we should not only think about ourselves but about the life of the being that is now part of our body and our life. Everything that affects us, during the period of pregnancy will also affect the baby, so we must be aware of what habits we carry from what we eat to how we mobilize. One of the issues that worries us most in 123pormi.co is the consumption of  substances by the mother during the period of her pregnancy, that is why today we are going to tell you how this affects the baby and the mother.

Some of the most common risks are: the risk of abortion because the mother’s body is put to produce less oxygen in the blood and generates circulatory and cardiothoracic problems that do not allow enough oxygen to the fetus, another common risk is the low birth weight of the baby and finally the best known is the syndrome of abstinence in the baby, this term refers to the fetus’ addiction to the substances that the mother consumed, this is one of the most Large, a study in the United States led by physician Dr. Stephen J. Patrick that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association said that 35% of babies born in 2017 suffered from withdrawal syndrome becoming an exponential problem, where the recovery of children is very difficult since there is no precise cure for this condition.
The problem does not stop here, the problems that we name are only the most common, but the list of problems that a baby can have is infinite, other problems such as: Spina bifida, atresia of the esophagus, absence of anus, rupture of the abdominal wall , cardiovascular alterations, renal and urinary malformations. Below we will tell you in a specific way the consequences of drug use in pregnancy.
The consumption of cannabis in pregnancy generates in the fetus:
• The reduction of the weight of newborns.
• The alteration of the cognitive-mental functions of children.
• The appearance of attention and hyperactivity disorders.
• Higher rates of prematurity and fetal immaturity, as well as obstetric complications.
• Low response to stimuli, irritability and sleep disorders in newborns in the days immediately after birth, which seem to be associated with a withdrawal pattern.
• In the longer term, delay in verbal ability and memory is detected.
Cocaine use in pregnancy:
• Abortion.
• Intrauterine fetal death.
• Prematurity with fetal immaturity.
The consumption of amphetamines and synthetic drugs in pregnancy:
• Has a negative impact on fetal growth
• Increasing the risk of heart malformations
• Cleft palate.
All we have named so far is to draw attention, so that our readers realize how it affects the growth and development of an innocent baby who has no voice and vote of how or in what conditions he wants to be born.
Pregnant women


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