International day against drug abuse and trafficking

Resolution 42/112 of December 7, 1987 defined June 26 as the international day against drug abuse and trafficking, this day was established in order to strengthen the action and cooperation of all countries, to achieve The goal of eradicating drug trafficking and consumption, currently in charge of monitoring progress against the issue is the international society against drug abuse. At this moment around the world there are more than 1000 organizations and communities that want to draw attention to support the UN and eradicate the production, trafficking and consumption of drugs.

Year after year a theme that represents the society to help on this day has been selected, in 2019 the same theme of 2018 was chosen since it was very well received and supported by the Community last year. This theme is «Listen first – Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow up with a healthy and safe life». This is an initiative to support the prevention of drug abuse in children and young people, their families and communities. The United Nations Organization called a special session in April 2016, since during this month was marked one of the goals that had resolution 42/112 was to create the: «Political Declaration and a plan of action for cooperation international towards a comprehensive and balanced strategy to end the problems of drugs in the world. » This declaration was signed by all 194 sovereign countries recognized by the UN, which represented for the UN the union and the strength that all countries are doing to put an end to this problem.

At present the amount of drugs and psychoactive substances that surround the world are innumerable, for that reason some of the measures that the resolution recommended for the countries are: to reduce the demand and to control the access to medicines, this in order to administer them only for who need them and avoid illegal drug trafficking, cover areas of vulnerability where there are children and young people, so that they are not involved in trafficking or consumption of psychoactive substances, improving international cooperation. We must always bear in mind that children and young people are the present and future of our planet, whom we must take care of and protect so that they fulfill their dreams and projects, to guide them in the face of compliance with the norms of society, where they are not violated his innocence, that is the function of everyone to protect our children.

Capturados MS-13
Ciudad Delgado, jueves 8 de julio de 2010. La polic’a realizo la captura de 10 sujetos de las pandillas 18 y MS-13 por los delitos de homicidio agravado, tenencia y portaci—n ilegal de armas de fuego, trafico de droga. La PNC en la ciudad Delgado. Y los pandilleros de la 18 presentados son Manuel Antonio Morales Bermœdez de 23 a–os, Iv‡n Rogelio Colindres Leiva 22 a–os, Miguel Angel Cornejo Valle de 24 a–os, Marl—n Ramos Serrano 28 a–os y CŽsar Alexander Ort’z Ram’rez 24 a–os. Y los mareros de la MS-13 presentados son Walter Antonio Rodr’guez Cruz de 27 a–os, Miguel Angel Polanco Mu–oz, Oscar Armando Molina Montano, Jhonatan Francisco Mej’a Ram’rez. Foto EDH Jorge Reyes

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