Maternity week

In 123pormi we know that not all contemporary families have a mother, there are probably people who read at this moment who believe they do not recognize the love of a mother; for all those who go through a similar situation we want to tell you that this post applies to any fatherly or maternal figure. Today we tell you that the UN declares this week as the week of motherhood, personally I would not know how to explain what it is to be a mother, but I can tell you that it is the best thing to have a super mom. One of the best gifts that life can give us is the love of a mother, that feeling that nothing will be missing because you have your support, that certainty that nothing will hurt you because your mom would not allow it or that happiness Seeing her arrive every day after work.

For me it is a fact that my mom is one of my favorite super heroines, whenever I need her, she is by my side regardless of distance or complications. If I asked my grandmother what is something that I did every day when I was little? Sure one of the things I would say is that I picked up the landline so it would not ring to answer my mom: “Alo mom” and being honest even at my age I would like to answer the phone and have my mom on the other side of the line . When we are small the union with the mother is something unique, the baby and the mother are a single body in the state of gestation. I do not know if it has happened to them, but for my mothers they have a sixth sense, it is a kind of foreboding, where they leave their thoughts aside and immerse themselves in the senses and bond with their children to understand the signs of a crying, a laugh or a sigh.


Let’s put ourselves in mothers’ shoes, being a mother is not just changing diapers, feeding a baby and enduring tantrums; being a mother means changing your life with a 180 degree turn, a mother must change her life style, schedules and even the way of thinking, now not only have their own life in their hands, but that of a newborn baby. Many of us believe that mothers know everything, but it is the opposite; unfortunately we children did not come with an operating manual and we come in so many different styles that one method of parenting applied to one child may not work in another. Here is where we realize that being a mother is not just sun and laughter, it’s a roller coaster of emotions where you never know what to expect. The truth is that being a mother is the hardest job I can imagine, I can not imagine the pain of a mother seeing her children fall, seeing them abandon a dream, seeing them lose their abilities, having to challenge them to teach them or when a mother to be strong to scold your child for some bad behavior. As any daughter I was one of those who every time they scolded her in a bad face, in my head I never crossed the idea that a mother could hurt more to scold her children, than to the same child. Having a hard hand is not easy when you must discipline who was born from your womb.

That is why today in 123pormi we want to sensitize them so that we recognize how difficult it is to be mothers, so that we understand that a scolding is not easy and that we can appreciate every laugh that comes from the heart.



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