Solidarity with our planet

As human beings we know that we make mistakes, we know that we do harm, we know that we are not always right and we know that it is in our hands to make the change, regardless we don’t always do it. Do you know that feeling or feeling when you see natural phenomena that end our planet? When we see an earthquake, a forest fire, a tsunami or when we see the earth melt. Usually, seeing situations like that, emotions like resentment come afloat; We usually blame global warming or we usually say things like “we are ruining our planet”. But have you ever done something that really helps the planet overcome these situations?

Today in 123pormi we want to celebrate the week of solidarity talking about solidarity with our planet. We have seen in the early days of this week that solidarity goes beyond simple actions, we could say that solidarity is to get out of comfort zone. Come out of ourselves and give openness to the other from love, respect and acceptance. But I remind you that we are not the only living beings who walk on our planet. We share this planet with animals and vegetation that do nothave the ability to make decisions like we can. Technically is in our hands to make the change in the destiny not only our but other living things.

We must leave the guilt feeling aside and start acting, then we will name small actions that can help the goal of the sustainability that the UN and organizations like Fairtrade have raised for the 2021.Let’s remember that small actions can change the world.

  1. Recycling: Separating organic from inorganic is not that difficult. As we can before buying plastic elements verify their composition, there are already elements made with cornstarch.
  2. Carry your own bags and containers when shopping in the market, pack your fruits and vegetables in cotton bags instead of plastic, buy beeswax paper to storage opened fruit.
  3. Buy storage made of glass not plastic.
  4. Take your own containers when buying coffee or food.

An example that it is possible to live with a minimum waste spending is Lauren singer, she is known to have her 7 year old trash in a 250ml container. she has a blog called Trash is for Tossers and a store in Brooklyn, New York where it helps you get reusable and friendly elements with the planet. His interest was born when he was in college, on his first day of school in his environmental engineering career. She watches around him and sees that his companions would take their lunch out of a plastic container stored in a plastic bag and eating with plastic utensils at the end of the class there was enough rubbish to fill an empty refrigerator. He was surprised as the idea of “change” and “sustainability” did not apply to people’s daily lives.

This leads us to think and reflect, if we really want to help or at least weave relationships as we do among us human beings with the planet.


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