Solidarity as an universal language

Today in 123pormi we want to explain to our readers solidarity from another point of view, in the article last saturday we talked about that is the solidarity and as though it is one of the values that most inculcate us, we do not practice in our daily life. Well today I will explain the easiest way to be solidarity infront of all our community.

We could say that values are like our nervous system, eachaction depends on the correct functioning of the neurons, it isa complex network that it drives the movement and the realization of operations inthe human body. There is no constant inspiration for solidarity and if there is no reason for a machine to start working, it never will.

According to the UN there is a way to be solidarity in our daily life without having to move a finger. It is about living solidarity from a cultural dimension, creating change and providing support with a simple idea: “Acceptance”, solidarity is born from seeing the world with other eyes where the need for respect, peace and stability beats theidea “imposition”. Living solidarity from acceptance turns us into leaders, leaders who promote cultural diversity, leaders who recognize cultural inequality in which we live, leaders who promote dialogue between cultures and civilizations, leaders who live from respect and understanding on the other.

We tend to see solidarity only as this action we must do to make the world a better thing, but for those who live busy, that “they have something more important to do”, we want to say that we live in a world that urges for development and any change part of an innovative idea that breaks with the idea of “I” towards the idea of “we”. So let’s start the week of solidarity thinking about the idea of: culture, religion, sexual orientation, social class, race, gender, political ideology with which we have not agreed and say “I may not share your ideology, but I respect you and I recognize you”. If we all lived in a world where we accept the other instead of attacking it, happiness and stability would not be just a utopia but a reality.

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