Group dynamic: Focus on values


Persons 5 years and older.
No limit of participants.
Cardstock, pencil, colors, eraser, clear or masking tape.

  • Generate fraternal spaces between people
  • Stimulation of attention, memory.
  • Enhance tolerance to frustration.
  • Fun.

40 cardboard cards will be made (the size is decided by each person who directs) either with images, with the word or with the image and the word, in these the 20 most important values ​​will be placed, such as (Respect, freedom, equality, justice, truth, tolerance, empathy, equity, solidarity, peace, love, friendship, kindness, honesty, trust, responsibility, loyalty, gratitude, perseverance, humility) and will be done in duplicate. They will be stuck on a board on the wall with masking tape or transparent tape or a cork board stuck with thumbtacks, and the people will be located in the front so that they start playing, concentrate and the person who identifies the pairs will be given the cards . At the end of the activity they will be held in a round table and the person leading the activity will speak about each value, allowing the group to also participate.

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