What is dyscalculia?

As parents, it is sometimes difficult for us to recognize that our children have problems or that it is hard for them to do more than other people, including me who researches new topics every day to introduce them, I find it hard to keep track of all the learning disorders that can have the children But after all for that we have 123pormi to share all the problems that our children can have and be able to help them overcome all their obstacles and problems.

Today we are going to talk about dyscalculia, you probably had not heard this term, I personally have run into it once in my life, but if I am honest until today I was not sure what it was, all I knew is that It involved math. As I tell you that dyscalculia is like a mathematical dyslexia, it prevents children from recognizing mathematical operations since they confuse symbols of operations and numbers generally get tricked when they read the operations. They always remind us that mathematics is an exact science and that there is only one answer, imagine suffering from dyscalculia and running into a completely different answer, because that’s how those who suffer from this learning disorder feel.

We could say that this is one of the disorders that is easier to identify, since if we keep an eye on our children we will realize that they have problems in mathematics and not only that, but that the results they have are absurd, to give them an example they can give a sum of 15 + 15 and your child can put 0 and for him it can be normal since he does not have in mind that he is doing the operation badly. So if you are a father and you recognize that your children do not understand a subject in mathematics, check with the one who does not understand, try to analyze what is happening to him because it can be a case of dyscalculia, be patient since, just as dyslexia is not easy For a child to understand and improve.

According to Cognifit magazine, some of the problems generated by dyscalculia are:

1. Divided attention: Children with dyscalculia have problems responding quickly to a certain stimulus because they are not able to focus, get lost with irrelevant stimuli and get tired easily.
2. Short-term memory: Usually children with dyscalculia should improve their short-term memory since they have problems remembering numbers and mathematical operations so explain them repeatedly.
3. Naming ability: Children with dyscalculia have difficulty remembering numbers because their level of information processing and naming ability is poor.
4. Processing speed: It corresponds to the time it takes for our brain to receive information (a number, a mathematical operation, a problem …), understand it and respond to it. Children without learning difficulties perform this process quickly and automatically, while children with dyscalculia need more time and effort to process information and stimuli.

As you can see there are multiple signs that can determine if your children have dyscalculia, just remember to support them and help them, seek help because with practice and help your children can improve.



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