Parenting guidelines

Today we are going to talk about a topic we have discussed before, this is the parenting guidelines. If you are a regular reader, you will know that in 123pormi we are in favor of explaining but not imposing, with this post we do not want to tell you what you should do as parents, but if we want to give you tips and guides on how to depend on the parenting guidelines that we use as Parents our children will grow differently.

When I was little I grew up in an environment where I had multiple eyes on me at every moment of my day, I was not misunderstood, it was not a bad thing, on the contrary I had many people to play with who were aware of my well-being and my safety. In my house everyone knew that I was the “boss”, they wanted to keep me happy in every moment; but do not believe that everything was laughter and games, as any other girl behaved badly from time to time, my tantrums were so professional that I was buried and angry because as good parents who were mine wanted to teach me that there are attitudes and actions that do not They are allowed in our society. Considering that I was my mother’s only daughter, she knew how to handle the chaos situation in a very civilized way. At some point my mother decided that the best way to solve problems at home and to discipline myself was through dialogue, explaining and giving me arguments as to why what I was doing was right or wrong.

I am going to tell you a story that I am not proud of, but that I will tell you, after all we do not know each other and deserve my total transparency. Since they gave me a lot of attention in my house, I was very angry when they scolded me, I felt violated, my head used to think as if I am the joy of the house I can not do what I want. Probably while you read this, if you are a child, young, adult or already an older adult, you are thinking about what is the biggest headache that you have put your parents through, I could say that it was a day in the I went to the supermarket, I was with my cousin and we wanted some M & M’s, if they do not know what they are, it is these small chocolates that came in colored tubes, my mother did not buy it, but that slows me down. When we arrived at the house, my mother was surprised to see me eat these chocolates and ask me angrily from where I had taken them. My answer was simple and very credible: «I came stuck in the navel», as you can see it was very good stealing but very bad with the excuses. My parents took me to the supermarket to pay them and they told me that it was my turn to sell newspapers to pay what I stole, for me it was the end of the world; I realized that behaving badly had its consequences, eventually I realized that I didn’t have to pay because there was no way that someone 3 years old could pay for some chocolates.

Probably when I was little I did not fully understand that what I had done was wrong, when I was growing up I deleted the event from my memory because I was embarrassed by the idea that I had stolen something from a supermarket and that my excuse had involved some lively chocolates that They had continued to the house to eat them. But now I understand that everyone will eventually have behaviors that are not appropriate, I just hope that your child does not have to steal something to realize that it is wrong to do so. Just remember as a parent that as adults every day we turn on something new, when we are little we are just in a stage of understanding the environment around us.


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