Children minds

Children have the ability to infect us with joy, with their desire to discover new things in the world, with their enthusiasm, with their desire to succeed. Children have a greater capacity to accept changes around them, adapt to changes more easily than adults. For adults, children are an example of daily fun, because they have a constant drive to live and know everything that life brings them. That’s why we always remind them of the importance of our inner child, because we have to learn to enjoy life like them. Now in this contemporary era children are involved in a day to day where they can be hurt or where their self-esteem can be destroyed in a very easy way, but today we want to rescue the good and the advantages of the minds of the children. children.

Some things that we should encourage in children and that we should adopt as adults are:
1. The illusion: We must maintain that idea that everything is possible, that we have the world in the palm of our hands and that every corner of the universe is waiting for us to discover it. The illusion in children is like gasoline for a car, keeps them moving inspired by wanting to achieve everything they set out to do.
2. Do not be afraid of new experiences: Whenever you are presented with something new do it, take advantage because you will never know if it will be presented again.
3. Have fun: Look at life as if everything were a game where you can enjoy your life easier every day because nothing will bore you, you can take advantage of every second of your life as if it were the best experience you are living.
4. Be curious.
5. Express yourself with sincerity: Sometimes something that irritates us as adults is the constant sincerity of our children, including a phrase that I always remember is «do not put the spoonful», where an adult tells a child not of his opinion because the It can smear. But something we should admire of our children is that they are not afraid of the truth and to give their opinion.
6. Take advantage of every moment, feel inspired by every moment of your life.
7. Love without fear, live the present in love, when you are a child you do not think that your time is running out, that someone will die or that there will be a time when someone does not like you. If we lived in constant love we would be much happier.
8. Adapt to the changes, when we are small we had a great facility for adaptation, where we took the good of each situation.
9. Question without fear and without shame, stop thinking constantly about what they will say or what they will believe about me, when we are little, curiosity can shame us.

As you can see when we were little we used to live and enjoy every second, we must know the minds of children to understand their attitudes and decisions in their daily lives because sometimes we forget that it was to be small.


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