Bullying and how it affects our children

We could say that when we were children, we all had attitudes at times that we would not be proud of at the moment. Sometimes these attitudes were addressed to other people, could be words or looks, but at some point in our lives we could hurt someone physically or emotionally, most likely we did not immediately recognize what was wrong, or that our words could affect another person. Well nowadays attitudes like these are known under the name of “Bullying”, this word means intimidation or harassment. Most likely you will recognize it, if ever news during the last 5 years you have seen that the suicide rate in children has increased. In the United States, 1 out of every 100 students manages to commit suicide, but approximately 7% of students across the country try to do so. In Spain, 1.6 out of every 100 children commit suicide due to bullying, but 5.7 out of 100 think about doing so.

If you are an adult, you have asked yourself: How have we reached the point where bullying is seen in a school environment? Well, the answer is easy, just as we have evolved creating tools that make our day to day easier, we have also facilitated these tools for children to use them usually without parental supervision. Now we do not live alone under the harassment in school where a partner can approach you to tell you something offensive, but with the help of the internet, cyber bullying is within reach of all those who want to harm themselves without assuming the consequences. We have reached the point where our children know that bullying is wrong and that if they are living in a situation of harassment they should speak because they will be offered support at home. As parents we must be vigilant if our son / daughter is the harasser or the harassed, here we will present some signs to distinguish if our child is generating a situation like this or if he is going through a situation like these:

If you think your child is bullying:

  1. If in your home you are going through a difficult situation, a separation, a death of a relative, economic problems, among other problems; your children feel it and channel it by bothering other people.
  2. If you do not pay enough attention to your children, if you have a job with overtime and leave before you wake up and arrive when your child sleeps. The lack of attention or the absence of a parental figure can generate problems in your child where he will want to draw attention.
  3. If you see that at home there are situations of physical, verbal or psychological abuse against him / her or someone in your family, see an example of something that is not right to do, but to “vent” does the same with another person
  4. If at home you are showing aggressive behavior, if you do not follow the rules or if you keep in a repellent attitude towards family activities

If you think your child is being bullied:

  1. You will see an emotional imbalance in your child, he will be sad, there will be moments where you will find him crying.
  2. If your attitude at home changes, if before you shared as a family and not now, if you isolate yourself from family or affection situations, it is because you do not want to show how the situation affects you.
  3. If you hide your personal items, your cell phone or when a message arrives you feel agitated / or this may be a sign that you are going through a situation of cyber bullying.

Now we will explain the types of bullying and why it is important to keep them in mind:

  • Physical: When the aggressor uses force to cause physical damage to his victim, they can be pushed, shoved or kicked.
  • Verbal: When the victim is subject to ridicule, jokes, aggressive words, manipulation, blackmail, all this can be a form of verbal abuse.
  • Social: When the aggressor instigates social exclusion or intimidation of its victims, this is where the victim may feel cornered.
  • Cyber ​​Bullying: When the victim is subjected to abuse and threats, but online or social networks.

Now we are in a society where bullying is seen on a daily basis, where with a click we can lower the self-esteem of a person, it is for this reason that we must be attentive to every corner because we never know where someone who wants to hurt us opens up .



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