El porqué de los errores…

Algo que como seres humanos debemos reconocer y enseñarle a nuestros hijos es que eventualmente cometemos errores, solemos durante nuestro curso de vida en algunas ocasiones tomar decisiones de las cuales nos arrepentimos, dejando en nosotros un halo de culpa, es importante tener en cuenta que la vida es ensayo y error, además sabemos que no somos seres perfectos y que estamos en este plano de existencia aprendiendo de nosotros y de los otros;  pues estas situaciones de aprendizaje siempre permanecerán en nuestra psiquis, en nuestra consciencia. Así como  cometemos errores debemos aprender en todo momento a aceptarlos y trasformarlos;  pues, si no lo hacemos y tratamos de negarlos o esconderlos nuestro inconsciente los guardará y exteriorizará en algún momento hasta que alguien o algo llegué a tocar nuestros fantasmas, reaccionando de forma poco favorable para nuestra salud mental.  Por eso hoy quiero traerles unas frases famosas como “Es de sabios cometer errores”, pues probablemente algunos padres enseñan a sus hijos que de lo errores se aprenden y de las caídas se levantan, llegando a nuestras vidas como maestros. Sigue leyendo “El porqué de los errores…”

Why making mistakes is good

Something that as human beings we must recognize and teach our children is that we eventually make mistakes, we usually make decisions that we regret at the moment, time after realizing that it was a mistake or we just don’t want to acknowledge that we were wrong, but whether we accept them or not, there they will be no matter how much we want it to happen. Just as we are good at making mistakes, we are also good at hiding them and denying that they exist, but I want to assume that they have heard from famous phrases such as “It is wise to make mistakes,” because we probably teach our children and ourselves that we are wrong with mistakes. we get up and that we learn from them, but we must recognize that there is nothing more difficult than recognizing defeat and less in front of oneself when we realize that our consciousness has failed us and that we have allowed ourselves to make a mistake. Sigue leyendo “Why making mistakes is good”

Tales and books that inspire

Today we want to talk to parents about a children’s story that has caught our attention, not only because it is entertaining and fun, but because they inspire little readers to be better and to explore a world full of entrepreneurs and people who have changed the world. These stories are created by Eva Chen and Derek Desert, there are already three books: Juno Valentine and the magical shoes, Juno Valentine and the fanstastic fashion adventure (Juno Valentine and the fantastic fashion adventure and finally and the book that interests us the most A is for awesome, this is an illustrated alphabetical book that tells how Juno Valentine knows the women who have most marked history. Sigue leyendo “Tales and books that inspire”

Historias y cuentos que inspiran.

Hoy les queremos hablarle a los padres de unos cuentos infantiles que han llamado nuestra atención, no solo porque es entretenido y divertido, sino porque inspiran a los pequeños lectores a ser mejores y a explorar un mundo lleno de emprendedores y personas que han cambiado el mundo a través de su liderazgo. Estas historias son creadas por Eva Chen y Derek Desierto, ya van tres libros: Juno Valentine and the magical shoes (Juno Valentine y los zapatos mágicos), Juno Valentine and the fanstastic fashion adventure (Juno Valentine y la fantástica aventura de moda y por último y el libro que más nos interesa A is for awesome, este es un libro alfabético ilustrado que narra como Juno Valentine conoce a las mujeres que mas han marcado la historia. Sigue leyendo “Historias y cuentos que inspiran.”

The importance of dance and music in children

Dance is a good resource not only to play and have fun with children but also to stimulate their physical and emotional development, when we dance and move we are not only having fun but also stimulating our gross motor skills. From a very young age we can see how when we play music and our son is present, it is as if the spark of inspiration ignites, they are not only happy but spontaneous movements begin to emerge, no matter if your child listens to instrumental music and begins to move as if it were salsa, that’s your imagination moving to the rhythm of the music.

Dancing is one of the activities that more pleasure can wake up in children. The child who dances rejoices and establishes a bond with his companion, be it a friend, his mother or his father. Your child makes connections from the transmission of affection and love and what better way to do it than through fun, dancing and movement around the rhythm of a beautiful melody. The most beautiful thing about dancing in children is that they do it without worries, there is no reason to be ashamed and this is what allows them to enjoy it even more.

If you wonder why this reflection of children in front of music, I will explain a bit: According to an investigation by Marcel Zentner and his colleagues at the University of York, we are born with a disposition to move in response to music. The study was conducted by observing a group of babies and young children, between five months and two years of age. According to Zentner, it is the rhythm rather than the melody that produces an answer, their reactions go to the side of a smile, even “the more they synchronize their movements with the music, the more the children smile.” So it drives and stimulates your children To enjoy the idea of ​​moving to the rhythm of music, teach and show how fun it is to enjoy it.

Some of the advantages of dancing in children:

-Favors stability and sense of balance.

-Promotes the coordination, memory and concentration of your children. A study from the University of Wyoming says that the more coordination skills in front of the dance your child has, the better his mathematical abilities will be.

-Contributes to the sense of rhythm and musical hatred.

-The best reason is that it stimulates self-esteem, allows your child to be happier and to be inspired.