Books every child should read

Estamos pasando por un momento en nuestras vidas que nunca pensamos que iba a llegar ya que no planeamos ser parte de una pandemia, donde debemos modificar nuestro estilo de vida y como parte de este cambio debemos compartir más con nuestros hijos y ayudarles en su desarrollo y educación ya que las escuelas están cerradas y nuestros hijos necesitan la mayor cantidad de estímulos posibles, es por eso que estamos animando a que inspiremos a nuestros hijos para leer más, creemos un club de libros con ellos y creemos una nueva meta para el año, que esta actividad se convierta en una oportunidad para compartir y crecer juntos. Algunos libros que recomendamos son:

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Being a role model

Being a parent is not an easy job and raising a child to be respectful, patient, responsible and hardworking is the dream of any parent. But children are not easy to raise and many times, they learn behaviors (good and bad) by observing their parents. Parents need to be aware that they are ultimately responsible for the development of their children.

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Leave your comfort zone

In psychology, the comfort zone refers to a mental state where the person uses fear and anxiety avoidance behaviors in their daily life, using a routine behavior to achieve constant performance without assuming any risk, that is, with the “pilot automatic”. It is a personal space made up of strategies and attitudes that we use often and with which we feel comfortable, settling in our way of acting because we feel safe. It is an area that only encompasses the known, that environment where we are comfortable and makes us feel safe because everything is under our control, but passivity and routine cause apathy and existential emptiness, preventing personal growth by renouncing to take initiatives that expand the limits of that area. The well-being that is felt is not the product of satisfaction or personal pride, but of the absence of negative emotions such as uncertainty or insecurity when taking refuge in our known environment. The comfort zone is also working on something simple in a safe environment without wanting to promote yourself, or maintain a relationship that gives security despite being unhappy. In the next video we are going to see a little inspiration in front of the comfort zone and how we can get out of it. You can find the english caption in the video.

The importance of goals

Awareness of the great importance of setting goals or objectives is a primary step. Defining objectives is not easy but it makes us direct our actions and efforts towards what we want to achieve. In the student sphere, it is even more important to have a clear direction and a strategy. Setting objectives is essential for the success of our knowledge and education, be it from when we are little until we are about to finish school or university, since they mark a course to follow and serve as a source of motivation and commitment. The goals are not always for our education, but for our personal and emotional development, to evaluate what we want to achieve in a period of time. The goals and objectives are to enjoy and discover new things that is why the first thing we want to tell you is how we must think very well the objectives that we want to set ourselves must be objective and realistic in the short term so that we do not get frustrated, for the goals that do not have a certain time let’s take it easy, let’s not get frustrated that everything is going at a different pace.
Setting a goal is the key to a successful life. From the moment that people decide to focus their efforts on achieving objectives and goals, they began to overcome the most difficult obstacles. Formulating and achieving goals goals is one of the most important activities in people’s lives, it improves their quality of life and makes it possible to make stops along the way, where I am at the moment and where I am going. That is why we generally see this activity in the New Year, to start the year with a clear idea of ​​what we want.

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Dreams and nightmares in kids

Have you ever wondered what that dream means that your child relives every night? All children dream, only very few remember what they have dreamed. In fact, nightmares are often remembered, because they interrupt sleep. The child wakes up and at that moment he realizes what he is dreaming about. It is for this reason that most of the dreams or things that children remember in their sleep are nightmares. From my perspective I used to have many nightmares when I was little, they were constantly repeated and I always got to the point where as soon as I went to bed I wanted to define that I was going to dream, I went to bed thinking that I wanted to dream of princesses, flowers and beautiful things; But it doesn’t always work like that, when we are children we have so many things that we do not recognize and they haunt us in the form of a nightmare.

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La importancia de aprender

Algo que debemos enseñarles a nuestros hijos es el valor del aprendizaje, por eso es vital enseñarles a amar el colegio, a que disfruten el camino del aprendizaje, que no olviden que aprender algo nuevo es divertido y es mágico, tener conocimiento de múltiples culturas, idiomas, personas importantes o momentos que hemos pasado en la historia. El aprendizaje nos permite desarrollarnos, evolucionar, llenarnos de valiosa información que de alguna manera se mantiene en nuestra cabeza a manera de conocimiento. Les comento a manera personal, tanto mi papa como mi mama cuando yo era pequeña me enseñaron a vivir en torno al aprendizaje, esto me brindo la oportunidad de expresarme como ninguna otra, muchas personas se refieren a mi como una Rockola de información, porque al aprender y al preparar y ejercitar mi cerebro constantemente, mi memoria se desarrollo de una manera increíble. Debemos recordar que el cerebro es otro musculo que necesita ser ejercitado constantemente y recordemos que hay múltiples maneras de hacer esto para que sea algo divertido constantemente.

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