Role of the families of children with Specific Learning Disorder

In a society where a person’s success is measured in knowledge, in the amount of what has been learned, the diversity of learning (various talents) and the speed with which they learn, it is a race against time, an accelerated time to graduate from the school at a younger age, learning several languages, practicing a sport, learning music, and other activities that often become shackles that imprison the soul or psyche of your child and not learn where they explore and be really happy.

The competition has become something typical of humans where we categorize by knowledge, I can several examples: school newsletters have the position they occupied during the school period, inevitably they start comparisons with other classmates, it is measured or compared with whoever delivers or produce first and still on many occasions it is named, this is something that we see in society, schools, universities, jobs and even the countries with the highest ranking are classified, as this is a way of measuring success, inevitably comparing ourselves with the other.

There is an urgent need to change languages ​​and actions, truly understanding that each person manages their time and rhythm, and it is here where the family plays a fundamental role to accompany with tolerance, understanding and love, it must become a facilitator and not the executioner of its boy or girl, it is important that the responsible adult finds the right measure for said accompaniment where aggression, violence or abuse is not exercised from anger because he does not learn by treating him as a «fool», «stupid», «donkey» and other derogatory terms that they are heard on a day-to-day basis, nor do they fall into pity, victimize him or justify him “poor thing”, “he’s sick”, “I understand it because I was the same” or attribute the disorder to another person “is that the teacher or the professor they don’t want it ”,“ the teacher did not like the boy or girl ”,“ the teacher or teacher is very screwed up and bad people ”, terms that are heard in everyday life and especially when we work with children. It is important not to compensate the child, as the way to calm what he does not have or lacks, remember this is also a form of abuse or violence, it is important to establish appropriate and adequate norms and limits for the life course of our children .

The family must provide protective environments or environments both at home and at school where the latter works in co-responsibility with the Educational Institution or the teacher, it is important not to discharge all responsibility to the latter, the people who are related to the child or girls must understand that they are going to observe in them a slow pace in their intellectual development or learning, psychomotor retardation, alterations in their memory, perception, attention and thinking, we will see impulsive or perhaps aggressive children, poor vocabulary, low level of generalization of language and demotivation to develop their school activities.

When we understand what happens in the child’s world, low anxiety, understanding arrives, accompanying them properly so that they can achieve better learning because there is no longer pressure from others and the most important thing is to allow them to be happy.

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